Innovation Center

Mission: Create a positive environment for developing, supporting and promoting entrepreneurs, with an emphasis on those pursuing innovative technology and job creation.

If you have an innovative idea and want to start a new business, the Joseph Newman Innovation Center has “Your Window of Opportunities.” The Center was created to help you start your new business. It can also support an existing business that needs additional assistance. The Center has modern office and light manufacturing spaces available for lease. The lease includes many shared and professional services.

Shared services in the facility include:

    • Common reception area
    • Two professional conference rooms for tenant use
    • Break room with microwave oven, refrigerator, ice machine, candy/soda vending machines
    • High-speed internet access
    • 24/7 access to facility (night-weekend access via electronic door code)

There are certain restrictions that may apply for potential new tenants. Tenants are selected based on their goal to create jobs or a business plan with a goal of creating a positive economic impact on the community.

The Innovation Center is not a traditional office space leasing program. While some offices in the Center provide a private environment, many spaces are shared, or communal, in design. Sharing space with other tenants may seem to be awkward, but most tenants reveal it was a positive experience during their early stages of business. Two or three businesses typically share space in communal offices. A communal “room” is typically about 400 square feet in size, which allows one tenant to lease approximately 100 square feet for their individual space. One hundred square feet provides space for one or two desks, chairs and a file cabinet–enough space to do business. Communal office space encourages new business owners to share ideas and provides additional networking strengths. Communal space leases vary but typically start at $200 a month, which includes shared resources as listed above.

The Center has assisted over 30 tenants since 2006. Nearly 400 jobs have been created by the tenants. One tenant created 114 new jobs in 14 months. Another tenant increased their customer list from eight to over 500 nationwide. – Brian Kelly, director.

Our terms for leasing are not traditional. There are no long-term lease agreements. Leases are 30 days, self renewing. That means you can “take a chance” on starting your new business without the fear or burden of signing a two- or three-year lease agreement. Our goal is to get your business started and provide some support for growth, with an expectation that you will leave the facility needing much larger office space in one to three years.

If you are interested in starting your new business, please feel free to contact us for a tour of the facility and a free consultation on other services we can provide for non-tenants. For more information, contact Brian Kelly, 417-624-4150 or by email at